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Pictures of Scabies Eggs

You can’t see scabies eggs with just your eyes.  You need some pretty strong magnification to see these microscopic dots.  But in case you were wondering what they look like under the microscope, I dug up some pictures of scabies eggs for you. This first picture shows a skin scraping with the mite, eggs, and […]


Pictures of Scabies Rash

What does a scabies rash look like?  Well, most people think that pictures of scabies rash look like a bunch of bug bites.  However, the rash is not caused directly by the mite.  Instead, it’s your body’s allergic reaction to the mite’s presence. Here’s another one on the hand (a common place for a scabies […]


Scabies on Face and Scalp – Is that Serious?

First, let’s just say, you don’t usually get scabies on your face and scalp.  It’s pretty rare.  If you see it, it’s usually a form of Norwegian scabies, which are yellow and crusty.  Here’s a picture for an example: You can see how it is yellow and crusted.  This is a tell tale sign of […]