Scabies and Sulfur Treatment – Does It Work?

One often recommended natural treatment for scabies is sulfur.  But does a scabies sulfur treatment work?  Let’s look at the evidence.

scabies sulfur soapSulfur works by drying out cells.  It can literally draw water out of living cells.  In tiny creatures like scabies mites, this can be devastating.

However, it also dries out human skin as it works.  So this can cause problems if you have sensitive skin.  It also can be dangerous for a child to use.

Sulfur treatment for scabies is usually a medicated bar of soap. You want to have everyone in your house use it at least once a day for two weeks.    There are ones with less concentrated amounts of sulfur that work for those with sensitive skin.  This one has 3% sulfur, which makes it less strong, but also less irritating.  There are bars that have up to 10% sulfur.

You also want to use sulfur powder to kill scabies mites in the carpet.  This ELF spray is ecologically friendly, and reviews of it killing scabies mites seem to be positive.  It does not seem to kill bed bugs though, so don’t use it for that.

So does scabies sulfur treatment work?  It definitely can.  But only use the stronger soaps if you have tougher skin.  Those with sensitive skin and children should try something different.

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