Scabies on Face and Scalp – Is that Serious?

First, let’s just say, you don’t usually get scabies on your face and scalp.  It’s pretty rare.  If you see it, it’s usually a form of Norwegian scabies, which are yellow and crusty.  Here’s a picture for an example:

scabies on face

You can see how it is yellow and crusted.  This is a tell tale sign of Norwegian scabies, which is a more serious and rare allergic reaction.

Scabies generally like to stay in warmer folds of the body, including under the arms and between the legs.

You will need to visit the doctor to make a definite diagnosis if you think you have scabies on your face or scalp.  There are a number of skin rashes that can look similar, like severe acne and rosacea.  Also, the mite may not be present on your face, but a red bumpy reaction to the mite’s presence on your body may be found there.

You do have to be cautious not to get medication in your eyes when you treat scabies on your face.  Make sure you follow the directions exactly for the prescription you are using.

Photo from Stanford

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