Scabies Causes – What Really Causes Scabies?

Sometimes, we feel like scabies causes are all based on the person who got it.  That person didn’t shower enough.  They did something they weren’t supposed to.  I’ve read forum postings that basically blamed the person who got it for getting it, which is just absolutely ridiculous!

Does a child do something to catch it?  Do the elderly do something to catch it?  Does someone who works in housekeeping take efforts to make sure they contract scabies?  Absolutely not!

The real cause of scabies is that annoying mite – sarcoptes scabiei.  It just won’t go away!  It’s been plaguing people since early Egyptian times, and it’s still plaguing us now.

Since that mite is so tiny, you can’t see it with your eyes.  So you have no idea if the carpet your child crawled around in also had scabies crawling around in it – you didn’t see a cloud of flying insects, and the carpet was just vacuumed.  You don’t know if the pile of linens you picked up was infested.  There’s just no way of knowing when you’ll come in contact with it.

Scabies continues to spread unless everyone in the house is treated at the same time.  You have to treat all your family members at once, or you’ll continue to pass it back and forth to each other.  There is now evidence that you even need to treat the do in order to prevent you and your family from getting reinfected.

When there is an outbreak at a nursing home or a daycare center, doctors are now recommending that everyone be treated there as well as their families.  Even if there’s no symptoms, you could have the mite and be passing it on to other people.  Remember that symptoms don’t develop for four to six weeks, which makes it even easier for the mite to spread.

So what are the true scabies causes?  Not poor hygiene.  Rather, it’s because of the nature of mite and the length of time it takes to see symptoms.  Bathing more often won’t help you avoid it.  But treating everyone at once will help you get rid of it.


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