Pictures of Scabies on Skin

As you may know, scabies is a mite that lives under the skin.  It burrows through there, feasting on your skin cells, laying its eggs, and defecating.  All this action will cause an allergic reaction that is extremely itchy.

If you think you have scabies, you will want to look at these pictures of scabies on the skin.  They will help you better understand what is going on.  Two things to look for are the red bumps, indicative of a scabies allergic reaction, and the scabies trails, where the mite has burrowed through.  These often get destroyed by itching, so you may not be able to see them easily.


First a diagram from

pictures of scabies on skin

This picture is from Hardin MD:

scabies on skin

It usually looks like a lot of red dots, sometimes in a line, as if the mite had burrowed through there.  One tell tale sign of scabies is the burrows, so you may want to look at these pictures of scabies burrows.  However, the red dots are not actually mite bites, like some people may think.  They are actually the allergic reaction from the mite.

For that reason, you won’t see them clear up after using the medicine for a week.  It can actually take two to four weeks before the reaction goes away, after the mite is dead.  If your symptoms are severe, your doctor may do another skin scraping to see if it is still present.

Here is a diagram of the mite burrowing through the skin.  This is from, but a virus warning is coming up on that site so I won’t link to it here.

scabies burrowing through skin

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