Pictures of Scabies Infestation

There’s nothing worse than a scabies infestation.  Unfortunately, you can’t see one with your eyes as this mite is microscopic.  You can see the bumpy red rash, but that is more indicative of the allergic reaction to the mite rather than the mite itself.   The red rash can look like other infections of the skin, but the tell tale sign is the presence of scabies burrows.  You can see some pictures of scabies burrows here.

You may occasionally find pictures of scabies infestation, but these are all what they look like under the microscope.  These are interesting to look at especially in a full color microscope.

Here are some pictures of scabies infestation…

pictures of scabies infestation

This picture shows the mites up close and personal as they tunnel through someone’s skin.  They look like aliens, don’t they!  This picture comes from Under the Microscope.

Then there is what the doctor will see as he looks in the normal microscope.  Still not pleasant, but not as quite as much of a close up…

scabies infestation

That picture is from a skin scraping. You can see the feces as the little black dots, and the large round bubbles are scabies eggs.


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