Pictures of Scabies in Babies

Scabies and babies just don’t go together.  While they do rhyme, nothing is worse than having a baby miserable from an uncontrollable, itchy rash.  Also, some babies get very severe rashes due to their allergic reaction to the mite.  It can make a baby and his or her parents very, very unhappy.

Unfortunately, more and more babies are getting scabies now.  It spreads rapidly in day care centers, and babies are often affected, as they are held more and experience more personal contact than older children.  If one baby gets it, it’s now being recommended that the whole daycare center is treated.  So make sure you inform your daycare director if your child has it.   Here are some pictures of what scabies looks like in babies:

pictures of scabies babies


The above and below pictures are from the University of Iowa.

scabies babies


scabies baby


The above picture is from a clinic in Haiti.

What can parents do about scabies in children?  Well, the whole family needs to be treated at once.  Often, if an outbreak happens at a daycare center, the protocol is to have all the families treated, whether they have symptoms or not.  This is because it takes a few weeks for symptoms to develop after you’ve been infested.

For a baby, follow your doctor’s directions for dosing.  There are three common creams used to treat it, as well as a few natural treatment methods.  See the post on scabies cream for more details.  Remember that just because a treatment is natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safer for babies.  Talk to your doctor first.

Remember that the itching is likely to continue for several weeks after the mite has been eradicated.  Your doctor may want to help the baby control this with some antihistamine medication or anti itch creams, especially if the child has been scratching.  Open scratches can easily become infected, which can lead to a more severe illness.

Scabies in babies is not fun at all.  But with the right treatment, you can go back to living a normal life in just a few weeks.


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