Pictures of Scabies Burrows

Scabies burrows are generally taken as the sure sign that you have scabies. They are what the doctor will examine your skin to see. However, they can be hard to find. So I dug up a few pictures of scabies burrows to help you know what to look for…

First is an illustration of what the mite does.

pictures of scabies burrows

You can see the mite making its little tunnel through the first layer of skin, leaving eggs and feces behind it.

pictures of scabies burrow

This is another picture that demonstrates why scabies burrows are so hard to see.  See that little white line between the fingers?  It’s a scabies burrow.

scabies burrows

This one looks like a magnified view of the burrow.  When the doctor examines your skin, he’ll look at it with 30-60x magnification.  That will allow him to see these raised lines.   They are very hard to see without magnification.  They also are often destroyed by scratching, so try not to itch before you go in!

Pictures from UCSF,,

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