Pictures of Scabies After Treatment

What happens after scabies treatment?  Well, if you are using permethrin 5% cream, your itching should start to subside within 24 hours.  However, it is very possible to continue to have a rash and some itching for up to four weeks afterwards.  If the itching or rash start to get worse instead of better, you will want to be sure to visit the doctor to be certain that you are not still infected.

Here are some pictures of scabies after treatment:

scabies after treatment

This shows a hand where you can see the fading red rash.  The next picture is twelve days after treatment.  It is from the New World Encyclopedia.  You can see that there is almost no sign of the rash at all.  Your results will likely depend on how quickly your skin heals normally.

pictures of scabies after treatment


So I hope these pictures gave you a lot of hope for treatment.  Both of these people were treated with permethin cream, which is what your doctor will prescribe for you.  If you choose to get your own, then make sure you get the 5% version, not the 1%.

I could not find pictures of it being treated with alternative methods.  If you try sulfur powder or dermisil for scabies, please feel free to send one in (just make sure it’s family friendly!)

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