Pictures of Scabies on Hands

The hands are one of the most common places for a scabies outbreak, especially in nursing homes.  Since you may be handling contaminated linens, your hands are the most common place for the mite to gain a footing. They can then transfer to other parts of your body through scratching.

Plus, if you have scabies elsewhere and scratch it, you may get some of the mites and eggs under your fingernails.  These can then spread on your hands.

Here are some pictures of scabies on hands:

scabies on handscabies on hands


Pictures from CDC Washington

Pictures of Scabies Bites

Scabies bites are invisible to your eyes.  Remember, these mites are so tiny that you can’t see them without a microscope.  You are not going to be able to see their bites either.

The bumps that show up in so-called pictures of scabies bites are not the bites themselves.  This is your allergic reaction to the mite’s presence.  Most people do not develop this rash until they’ve had scabies for several weeks, unless they’ve been infected with it before.  Then, the rash can continue even after the mite is dead because the body continues to react to what’s left behind.

For that reason, it’s important to kill the mites and treat the itch, as it can continue for up to six weeks after the mite is eliminated.  It’s also important to get rid of the mite on everyone at the same time, and get rid of it in the house at the same time as well.

So without further ado, here’s a look at some of those so-called scabies bite pictures…

scabies bites

pictures of scabies bites



Photo from, Museum of Entomology

Pictures of Scabies Eggs

You can’t see scabies eggs with just your eyes.  You need some pretty strong magnification to see these microscopic dots.  But in case you were wondering what they look like under the microscope, I dug up some pictures of scabies eggs for you.

This first picture shows a skin scraping with the mite, eggs, and feces present.  Take a look…

pictures of scabies eggs

This next picture shows scabies eggs after they’ve been treated.  They are black because they are dead.  They are the black large ovals.

scabies eggs

Finally, here’s another picture that shows the mite, eggs, and stool.

scabies egg pictures

Pictures from Medline,