How to Get Rid of Scabies

how to get rid of scabiesSo how do you get rid of scabies?  There are actually several different ways. Which one you choose depends on how much work you want to put into getting rid of the mite once and for all.

First, do you want to get a prescription?  These are effective 90% of the time or more.  Many people just think they don’t work because the symptoms of scabies can last for up to six weeks after the mite is dead.  This is because it takes a while for all of the mite to be processed out of your system.

Prescription creams need to be applied once or twice a day to the entire body, depending on the strength.  You generally need to use it for 7-10 days to kill all of the mite.  Just make sure you follow the directions on the brand you are given exactly.

Sometimes pills are also prescribed.  These only work 65% of the time, so use the cream if at all possible.

Natural remedies include sulfur soap, tea tree oil, and Neem oil.  Tea tree oil works to relieve the itch, but not to kill the mite.  So it’s best used in combination with other treatment options.

It is important to treat everyone in the household at the same time, as you can keep reinfecting each other.  It can take several weeks to develop symptoms, so it’s wise to make sure everyone gets treated just in case.  You also want to make sure you kill any mites in your household by washing washables in hot water and drying in high heat, spraying hard surfaces with Lysol, and using steam or sprays to kill the mite on surfaces.

Even after the mite is dead, you may still have symptoms for up to six weeks as your body sorts things out.  This can be very annoying , but it must be endured.  Tea tree oil can help relieve the itching, but be warned!  It is smelly.

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