Dermisil for Scabies

dermisil for scabiesOne common home remedy frequently recommended is Dermisil for Scabies.  Dermisil makes a whole line up of different natural skin products.  If you are wondering where to buy Dermisil for Scabies, it is sold on Amazon and through their own site. You can find a wider range of products on their site.

There’s a lot of debate on whether this product works or not.  It was very hard to find a good testimonial that it actually cured someone’s scabies.  In fact, it appears hard to find any Dermisil for Scabies reviews at all.

One of the reasons for this is reinfection.  If you don’t take care to disinfect your bed, all your clothing, and your house, then you likely will kill the bugs only to get them again.  Dermisil does have a sulfur powder that you can sprinkle on these items to help kill the bugs and their eggs.

Another reason a lot of people don’t have success is they don’t actually have scabies.  There are other forms of skin mites as well which do not respond to certain treatments.  They usually require stronger medicine.

That being said, Dermisil for Scabies may be a good option for some people.  If you try it out and it works (or if it doesn’t!)  leave a comment here!

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