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Scabies Causes – What Really Causes Scabies?

Sometimes, we feel like scabies causes are all based on the person who got it.  That person didn’t shower enough.  They did something they weren’t supposed to.  I’ve read forum postings that basically blamed the person who got it for getting it, which is just absolutely ridiculous! Does a child do something to catch it?  […]


Permethrin Cream – An Effective Scabies Treatment?

One of the first lines of treatment for scabies is permethrin cream 5%.   Also known as Elimite, it is fairly effective at killing the mite.  The 5% version is usually available via prescription, but I have seen it on Amazon.  But if your insurance covers prescriptions, use that at your local drug store instead.  It’s […]


Scabies Cream – Does It Work?

Is scabies cream effective at getting rid of the mite?  There are actually five different types of cream you can try if you have a scabies infection.  Each one has its pros and cons, including how they work and what their side effects are.  Let’s take a look at them in detail. Permethrin Cream This […]