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Picture of Scabies Feces

We’ve talked about pictures of scabies eggs, and  the scabies mite.  But one other thing the doctor will look for under the microscope  is scabies droppings.  These are usually found with the mite and the eggs. Scabies feces looks like little black dots under the microscope.  You won’t be able to see them under your […]


Scabies and Children – Not a Good Combination!

Scabies is one of the worst infestations out there.  It makes you itchy and miserable.  It takes a lot of work to get rid of.  And that’s even worse if your children have scabies! Most people think that scabies is an STD, but it’s not.  It can spread anywhere people are in close contact with […]


Pictures of Scabies on Hands

The hands are one of the most common places for a scabies outbreak, especially in nursing homes.  Since you may be handling contaminated linens, your hands are the most common place for the mite to gain a footing. They can then transfer to other parts of your body through scratching. Plus, if you have scabies […]